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Title Deeds IPT queries

Posted: 27 Apr 2016 11:17
by J and a
hi Nigel,
Hope you can help us with some IPT queries.
To obtain our Title Deeds we've been given a list of approx. costs by the developer's solicitor, including IPT. We're trying to check whether :
1. The IPT amount is reasonable
and 2. Whether we'll be able to claim back IPT as we think our property would have been below IPT threshold in the past.
To help us work out answer to 2. Can you help us find IPT rates and bands since 2003 as I know there have been changes.
As for 1. Am I correct in thinking the only way we can work this out is if we're given specifics about the IPT due on whole development and what % our property is of the whole development?
Also I've read that the developer does not have to demonstrate to us that he has paid IPT before we pay him, but if he hasn't paid it , will we be able to claim back the difference between the amount we pay him and the amount that we would have paid on our individual property?
Thanks for any assistance