IPT and Deeds.....Confused and Abused...

Do you have a problem getting your Title Deeds?
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IPT and Deeds.....Confused and Abused...

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My Mum died in Cyprus leaving me Property etc.....I have paid all the IPT for last year and previous years and Have just paid the IPT for this year....the sum for last year alone (2013) was Euro 306...I went to the tax office last week and paid them directly for this year it was euro 178.80.....I thought it would be the same as last year....I realise the builder would have paid an additional fee of 1.9% last year but the figures just dont add up....

Secondly I am concerned about the Title Deeds and the amount I will have to pay ....The property has been paid in full and was built in 2004 at a cost of 140,000 cyprus pounds.....I know I will have to pay additional fees for the deeds when they are ready...(They said by end of this year).... How can I work out how much I will have to pay to the land registry?

I have to say...I love my Lawyer....she has been fab ...However...I would still like to know what to expect ....

Thanks ...appreciate any help...
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Re: IPT and Deeds.....Confused and Abused...

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