IPT and Municipality tax

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IPT and Municipality tax

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Sorry for appearing a little confused. We have just completed on obtaining our title deeds, however we realise we have to pay the IPT tax each year on our property, and we also pay a sum to Peyia municipality for our refuge collection which we have been doing for many years.
We understand and realise how the IPT works but wondered are we going to get extra charges from the municipality on top of the refuge tax, in the coming years.
Again sorry for the quite basic question.
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Re: IPT and Municipality tax

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Hi pc13 and welcome to the forum.

No need to apologize, the taxation system here is quite different to the UK.

Firstly there is the Immovable Property Tax (IPT) that is paid to the Inland Revenue - there is no UK equivalent.

Secondly there is the Property Tax and the refuse charges that you pay to the Municipality/Community - this is the local equivalent of the UK Council Tax.

If you visit the Pegeia Municipal Office, they should be able to advise you how their charges are calculated.

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