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Management Committee

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What are the rules that define if a management committee is necessary i.e. legal obligation? We are in a development of 16 properties and they are split into separate blocks of 4. Two blocks have 4 terraced houses and the other 2 blocks have 4 apartments each. We do not own a pool or any common property. I understand the roofs of the apartments, paths etc are jointly owned within each block. The houses have their own garden paths and each apartment block had its own entrance path. There is a council owned walkway between the houses and the 2 apartment blocks. The 2 apartment blocks have a garden wall between them. Hope that is enough info!
Thank you
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Re: Management Committee

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Hi pissouriabc

If the development has been registered as a 'jointly-owned building' you must (by law) have a Management Committee.

If you send me a scan or a clear digital photo of your Title Deed, I can check for you on-line.

I'll send you an email with my address.

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