Management Committee - Public Liability Insurance

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Management Committee - Public Liability Insurance

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Has anyone involved as part of a building or resort management committee arranged public liability insurance for the committee members?

When you read the Cyprus law (Chapter 224), it appears that a committee can sue OR be sued. So although you provide a free service to your building or resort with little authority in order to protect your investment, you are totally responsible in the event of accidents etc.

My question is: Should a committee insist on the owners providing public liability insurance for the committee members, to protect them against legal cases and costs etc?

Another question raised by this issue is that can the building committee install signs in the building/ resort to state that visitors entering the building resort 'at their own risk'. Would this protect the committee in the event of an accident (EG: Someone slips on the stairs, or a wet floor)?

Any information or past experiences would be appreciated?


Dave B.
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Re: Management Committee - Public Liability Insurance

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Hi Dave

The committee should have public liability insurance - and it is available in Cyprus. See my article at Insurance of Cyprus apartments & building complexes.

You can also download the article as a pdf by clicking here.

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