Limassol Land Registry - Data Accuracy

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Limassol Land Registry - Data Accuracy

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I am involved with the Management Committee of an apartment building in Limassol, consisting of 23 apartments and 7 shops.

We have been attempting to update our owners list, and to assist us with this issue we applied to the Limassol Land Registry for an official list of all properties in the building at a cost of Eur 170. For this fee, we were provided with a computer printout from the Land Registry records.

Our issue is that when we reviewed this document, we found that a number of the registered owners were NOT who we thought that they should be.

Surely if you are not registered at the Land Registry as the official owner, you have no legal rights to the property? Our management committee is currently in the process of taking legal action against a number of owners for non-payment of common expenses, and non-payment of their share of a major renovation project of the building.

How can we ensure that we are targeting the actual property owner?

Any other buildings that have the same type of issue(s)


Dave B.
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Re: Limassol Land Registry - Data Accuracy

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Hi Dave and welcome to the forum.

The Land Registry list will show the registered owners, i.e. those whose names are shown on the property's Title Deed.

I expect what has happened is that some of the owners have rented their properties - hence the discrepancies - or that some have yet to pay Property Transfer Fees to have the properties registered in their name. (The latter should be quite easy to check as the same name will show up as owning a number of the properties.)

Assuming that the properties have been rented, there should be a rental agreement - and this should state whether the person renting the property is responsible for paying the common expenses.

As you are taking legal action, I guess you should issue the writs to the registered owners.

Nigel Howarth
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