Registration of Regulations

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Registration of Regulations

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Dear Nigel,
I thought you and Members of the Forum would be interested to learn of a success story at last. We have just recently successfully registered our "Management Committee Regulations" with the Paphos Land Registry. All the necessary documents including a set of Regulations were lodged with the Land Registry in February 2014, along with the €60 fee. In early December 2015, following many attempts to chase up the procedure, our Registration was finally completed. At first, no one at the Land Registry seemed to know what documentation was required to be produced for formal acknowledgement of Regulations. I imagined, and expected a Certificate of some kind would be issued to the Management Committee, but to my surprise, I was presented with a New Title Deed that included a paragraph (in Greek), which among other things state that our Complex had Regulations in force which bind all owners to them and a reference number of the file lodged with the Land Registry. All existing Title Deeds have been updated to include this paragraph and in my case includes the new 01/01/2013 valuation figure. All future Title Deeds will of course contain these amendments.

Happy New Year,
Nigel Howarth
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Re: Registration of Regulations

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Happy New Year Barry

I'm pleased to hear that you managed to register your Management Committee Regulations - it seems as if TPTB are finally trying to do something about the problem.

I'm sure others here will be interested to learn of your success.

I get many emails from people who do not want to pay - and from management committees having difficulties with non-payers, it's about time the law was amended.

Nigel Howarth
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