Debt Collection Communal Charges/Fees

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Max 56
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Debt Collection Communal Charges/Fees

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Can anyone who is responsible for the collection of communal service charges, used any legal methods to collect overdue service charges?
a) recommendation;
b) costs;
c) was it successful and how long did it take;

Many thanks.
Nigel Howarth
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Re: Debt Collection Communal Charges/Fees

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Hi Max,

There are certainly Management Committees at the eastern end of the island that have taken action against non-payers.

In one case a committee got an uncontested judgement against debtors in the UK and used an EU Enforcement Order to have the judgement enforced in the English courts.

I'm not sure how mush it cost but any claim can include legal fees and court charges.

Nigel Howarth
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