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Hi Nigel
We live in a ground floor apartment. In our block there are only 4 apartments. In English terms we would be a ground floor maisonette. The roof of the apartment diagonally above us has problems. There is nothing in our contract about the roof and repairs to the property are not covered by the residents association. I have contacted the builder but he has gone out of business so cannot answer my question. Our tank and panel are on our side of the roof. We do not mind paying our share of the amount suggested by the repair roofing company but would like to clarify if this repair work is our responsibility? Look forward to your advice.
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Re: Roof

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Hi bitterlemons

This is a bit difficult. If the development consists of five dwelling units or more, it should have a management committee to look after things. (I know your block has only consists of four dwellings, but if there are other blocks in the same development they may all be considered as being subject to the law laid down for commonly owned buildings - a copy of which you can download by clicking here).

Unfortunately, if your property isn't part of a larger development, I'm afraid you'll have to pay for your own roof repairs - but there's nothing to stop you asking others in your block for a contribution.

But do have a look at the law for commonly owner buildings. It maybe worthwhile registering it - even though it may consist of just four dwellings you can do this is the majority of owners agree.

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