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by Doog
25 Jun 2013 18:09
Forum: Buying Land
Topic: Buying agricultural land
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Buying agricultural land

In 2011 I think it was, an unexpected announcement was made by Town Planning concerning a new law which severely restricted development on agricultural plots, such as you had to show a connection to the area,couldn't already own a house and no build more than 1.5 km from the village. A certain well ...
by Doog
22 Jun 2013 01:14
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: IPT at Paphos
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IPT at Paphos

Letting you know that the system at Paphos tax office has changed. IPT applications should be made in Room 021. Rm 101 is for collection of assessment (previously for application) Form 302 is not required. There is no 10% discount for early payment on the minimum tax of 75 Euro. This info came to me...
by Doog
27 Jan 2013 00:31
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Change in planning laws re agricultural plots
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Change in planning laws re agricultural plots

Hi Nigel, I understand that there have been major changes in lhe planning law since last year regarding building houses on agricultural plots, but have been unable to find clear information. I am currently looking at 10% plots, but am concerned that buying land in the countryside may mean I can't ge...
by Doog
07 Jan 2013 19:28
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Transfer tax
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Transfer tax

If I buy a property, which has title deeds for the land and a completion certificate but has not yet had the buildings recorded on the title deeds, when it comes to transfer the property on purchase, is it only the value of the land assessed for transfer tax or the price for all the property? Thanks...