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by gillbail
19 May 2010 23:58
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Illegal letting
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Re: Illegal letting

Can anybody give me advice on a tenant who has declared himself a sitting tenant and is refusing to pay any rent. I have not got any contract with him
by gillbail
09 Dec 2009 00:16
Forum: Louise Zambartas' Legal Questions
Topic: sitting tenant
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sitting tenant

I rented my house to a friend of a friend. As work was slack he could not afford to enter into a contract. I allowed him to give me a small deposit and then pay on a month to month basis. He paid me 2 months and then had to use the deposit as part of the third month but was due me the rest. He has p...
by gillbail
05 Nov 2009 20:05
Forum: Property Faults
Topic: new house not up to acceptable standard
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new house not up to acceptable standard

I have had my townhouse for 9 months. When the first heavy rains came in February the downstairs was flooded because of a fault in the drain on the balcony and also in the upstairs from the balcony above mine. The developer agreed that the house would be covered until after the next expected heavy r...