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by Aleo
09 Nov 2019 16:31
Forum: Louise Zambartas' Legal Questions
Topic: Troublesome tenant - What rights do I have?
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Troublesome tenant - What rights do I have?

Hi all, I have a tenant in my 2bedroom flat in Pervolia. She is a single mother of 2 children (under 14years), whose rent is paid by the government. They've become quite troublesome tenants, arguing, shouting constantly, breaking the balcony doors, damaging neighbors' property and they even keep 4 d...
by Aleo
08 Apr 2019 16:26
Forum: Property Ownership
Topic: Transfer title deeds
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Transfer title deeds

I purchased a property through my father (who resides in Cyprus). I'd like to change the deed to my name so that I can arrange insurance, but I'm told I'd have to do that in person? Is this true, do I have to travel to Cyprus (from the UK) to change the name on the deed?