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by J B
15 Mar 2021 01:33
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Another No Will problem
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Re: Another No Will problem

Pantheman wrote: 11 Mar 2021 14:38
2. Yes you can continue to use the car, but road tax renewals requires the last 3 digits of the document your father used to register it, either a passport or yellow slip. It is noted on the log book.
Just for info, the road tax is now overdue. :-(
by J B
17 Jul 2020 14:43
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Holiday lets
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Re: Holiday lets

I agree with Nigel

We have a 3 bed villa that we used to do holiday lets from.
We could get £1K per week during the peak season but when it was empty we still had to pay all the bills for no income.

Good tenants = no bills and a more peaceful life!
by J B
18 Jan 2020 18:51
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Building External Isolation
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Re: Building External Isolation

Do you mean insulation? :oops:
by J B
02 Dec 2019 19:56
Forum: Communal Property Management
Topic: New laws governing Associations etc.
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Re: New laws governing Associations etc.

Hi Nigel We currently have a residents association that administers our complex and I understand it is better/more applicable to call it a management committee. How would we go about changing this name with the bank etc Thank you We have a committee called T**** J***** Residents Association. I went...
by J B
18 Oct 2019 09:42
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Renting Rules for non residents
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Re: Renting Rules for non residents

Doesn't that stand for Cyprus Tourist Organisation (?)

I presume you mean a long term residential let, which is surely nothing to do with the CTO, has it?
by J B
29 Dec 2018 11:48
Forum: Communal Property Management
Topic: Surplus Funds?
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Surplus Funds?

Morning Nigel Our complex has ten identical houses - we all pay €500 and up to now everyone has paid in full since we took control of the management ourselves. There is around €8K in the account However, one owner has just sent this message and I would appreciate anyone's comments ... EDIT - message...
by J B
16 Dec 2018 22:26
Forum: Louise Zambartas' Legal Questions
Topic: "Own Risk" Disclaimer
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Re: "Own Risk" Disclaimer

On our complex, the meter room is permanently locked with an EAC padlock as mentioned - always has been. Two years ago we got into trouble with EAC bacause someone had tampered with the main fuse and fitted a 60a :roll: Anyway, the conclusion was thus .... -------- Forwarded Message -------- Subject...
by J B
15 May 2018 11:44
Forum: Communal Property Management
Topic: Bank account to run a complex
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Re: Bank account to run a complex

I wonder if you have a suggestion for the following problem. We are an unofficial management committee and with over 50% of owners missing and uncontactable it would appear to be difficult to form a registered committee. Up until now we have used a bank account with a couple of names on it to run t...
by J B
28 Feb 2018 01:18
Forum: Mark Nowell's Financial Questions
Topic: euro current accounts
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Re: euro current accounts

We have a 'savings' account with Bank of Cyprus (Coral Bay, Paphos) It pays a great interest rate ... 0.01% perhaps! :lol: There is no chequebook, but we have a debit card for cash withdrawals and have DD's set up for electricity, water, etc We have on-line banking and once we have 'switched off' pa...