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by larry14stewart
04 Oct 2017 09:33
Forum: Selling Property
Topic: Is selling a good idea or should we hold off?
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Re: Is selling a good idea or should we hold off?

Buying or selling a property totally depends on you.well you must know about the current market If today the market price is good for selling a property and if you are getting good offers for your house then go for it otherwise hold it for some time until you get a desirable price for your home.
by larry14stewart
26 Sep 2017 07:23
Forum: Buying Resale Property
Topic: offer on property
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Re: offer on property

hi.. When you find any property then you start making an offer.Well there are various factors while choosing your price level so that you will achieve the right deal for your thing a person must know is that For making an offer on a property it may vary from place to place. Following po...