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by justchris
07 Dec 2016 01:43
Forum: Selling Property
Topic: Reputable estate agent in Paphos?
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Re: Reputable estate agent in Paphos?

Are you going to list it online, and if so what website are you using?
by justchris
05 Dec 2016 08:07
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Real estate website?
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Real estate website?

Hey guys,

What is the most popular website for properties listings?
Every other country has one that emerged as the clear winner, but in Cyprus the market seems very fragmented, every agency publishes their own listings? Is that correct, or I just didnt look long enough?
by justchris
31 Oct 2016 17:48
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Foreclosed properties
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Foreclosed properties

Hi all Can anyone advise what the foreclosure process is like? I am not familiar with Cyprus legislation, but it appears that the banks can't foreclose on the primary residence? If so, what happens with the non performing loan properties, the owner stops servicing the loan and the bank has no recour...