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by villaowner
05 Oct 2016 08:47
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: No IPT Bill ?
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No IPT Bill ?

Hi, We obtained our title deeds in January of this year. We have not received an IPT bill yet , some of our neighbours have received (and paid) theirs. We have received from Tsada Communal Board a bill for me and my wife for Property Tax for 2016 (4.50 each). Is this our total cost ? Who do i contac...
by villaowner
31 Jan 2016 12:41
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Title Deeds Discount
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Title Deeds Discount

Hi Nigel,

We paid for our deeds in December 2015 in Paphos.

The cost was discounted by 50 %.

I see from another thread hat the discount should have been offered at 60 % ?

Do i have any recourse to claim the extra amount ?

Many Thanks
by villaowner
15 Oct 2015 14:05
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Title Deeds extra expenses
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Title Deeds extra expenses

We have the option to purchase our title deeds. However the developer is asking us to pay for the property taxes he has paid since we purchased the property in 2002. The sum is over 1000 euros ! He has not provided any receipts or proof of this expenditure. Should i pay without question ?What should...