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by DanDan
11 Jun 2014 19:10
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Swiss Franc - Alpha Bank
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Swiss Franc - Alpha Bank

We have just had our loan reconstructed, but have not accepted yet, as the loan is still some £50,000 more the original loan, and also our payments are now much higher, going from £1,350pm to £1,700, but I think we have no choice, as our original loan now doubles next month to £2,700. As any-one esl...
by DanDan
05 Nov 2013 14:57
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Sewerage Board of Pafos
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Sewerage Board of Pafos

My developer is also asking me to pay for Sewerage, as well as the IPt back-dated to 2009, I understand that I have to pay the IPT, but what is the SBP for? Also he will not give me a break-down and is charging me 1.9% as the yearly figure has gone up from 250 euro for three years, then 450 in 2012 ...
by DanDan
01 Nov 2013 20:23
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Immovable Property Tax
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Immovable Property Tax

I have just received a IPT statement from my developer Hadjidemosthenous dating back to 2009 saying that the taxes are now due, the amount is 2860 euro, they have added interest amounting to 910 euros. We do not have title deeds. They are staying that the onus is on us because we should of contacted...