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by Peter A
29 Mar 2008 18:08
Forum: Mark Nowell's Financial Questions
Topic: Mortgaging property without title deeds
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Mortgaging property without title deeds

My apartment is now complete and I have tried to obtain a mortgage against it but have had no success. The problem is that there are no title deeds and that the developer is unwilling to sign any statement that they will relinquish their claim against the property when title deeds are issued. The de...
by Peter A
25 Mar 2008 02:48
Forum: Louise Zambartas' Legal Questions
Topic: Legal Responsibility
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Legal Responsibility

Bearing in mind that on buying my off plan apartment I made it clear that it was my intention to sell it on completion, should I have been informed that; 1.I would not receive the title deeds on completion 2.The developer would not sign any assurance that they would release there claim on the proper...
by Peter A
25 Mar 2008 02:26
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: New member Peter
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New member Peter

Hello Nigel I live in the Newcastle area, work for Specsavers opticians and bought a apartment off plan In Tersefanou as an investment. Unfortunately I think I have made every mistake in the book by not visiting the island etc and placing my trust in the hands of a well known international property ...