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by alba
04 May 2012 09:38
Forum: Property Ownership
Topic: IR 163 - Tax Clearance Certificate
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Re: IR 163 - Tax Clearance Certificate

This is a really useful advice, thanks for sharing, I wondered about the same things as well! There exist so many tax mistakes which you can avoid and it's not easy to find out how to do that! Has everything worked fine for you by now? Without a decent lawyer it's so difficult sometimes..but it's wo...
by alba
13 Apr 2012 14:31
Forum: Buying Land
Topic: New land regulations
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Re: New land regulations

I guess it's interesting to think if new regulations like this would be possible. I don't think that the government will support it neither will I support it. I'm really not sure which advantages this would have. What do you think?
Although I also understand jackk's point of view! of course!
by alba
13 Apr 2012 14:28
Forum: Buying Off-Plan
Topic: Build in Cyprus - why not?
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Re: Build in Cyprus - why not?

My personal opinion on this topic is that I would refuse building a villa at this time! It's difficult to get money and maybe you won't get back the same money as you've invested. I think buying a finished one would be a better idea and a better investment for a long term.
by alba
13 Apr 2012 14:25
Forum: Buying Off-Plan
Topic: Any advice would help
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Re: Any advice would help

Oh wow.. the whole issue is weird and what I really wonder is why you haven't got a message from the company before they went int voluntary liquidation! I mean this is not a surprising and sudden happening normally. Don't you agree? But I really hope that the Larnaca Golf Property Action Group could...
by alba
13 Apr 2012 14:22
Forum: Buying Off-Plan
Topic: Build costs
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Re: Build costs

Thanks for the interesting link with the prices. This is really helpful! I haven't thought that the prices might be so high but it totally makes sense to me! So thanks for sharing! Cyprus is a good place so it's not very surprising! You just have to wait for a good bargain now :)