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by andrew
24 Apr 2019 18:10
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Communal Insurance - Service Standards
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Re: Communal Insurance - Service Standards

Hi Brian
Have you seen the CNP policy? CNP policies used to have an excess of €427 or 5% of the claim whichever the greater the policy document would confirm this, if so BO are not telling you the full story. Also suggest you ask for a copy of the claim form.
by andrew
10 Oct 2017 16:14
Forum: Communal Property Management
Topic: Complex Insurance
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Re: Complex Insurance

Have sent you a pm
by andrew
15 Aug 2014 12:50
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Alpha Bank house insurance
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Re: Alpha Bank house insurance

This is incorrect Alpha bank cannot insist on using their own insurance.You can deal with any insurance company authorised by the ICCS Insurance Companies Control Service Cyprus. Suggest you arrange cover with your preferred insurer assigned to Alpha Bank take that policy in to the bank demand they ...
by andrew
13 Apr 2011 12:56
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: fire insurance on property
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Re: fire insurance on property

Hi Patricia It is usually a condition of a mortgage in Cyprus that fire insurance is assigned to the bank, under EU law Emporiki cannot insist on using their insurance company you can use any company registered in Cyprus. The premium should be around €1.75 per thou if you want further information pl...
by andrew
15 Oct 2009 16:01
Forum: General Property Questions
Topic: Boundary walls
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Boundary walls

Hi Nigel
Is it a legal requirement that boundary walls have to be concrete? We have a newly built property we share concrete walls with neighbours either side and at the back of our house. We would like to know if we have other options than concrete.
Thank you
by andrew
02 Mar 2008 14:14
Forum: Communal Property Management
Topic: Insurance of Communal Areas
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Re: Insurance of Communal Areas

Hi bitterlemons There is an international company with offices in Cyprus who will insure the administration committee for public liability of the common areas This can be included in the building insurance of the complex, public liability cover for up to 170,000 Euros It is not necessary to have a s...
by andrew
02 Mar 2008 14:03
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Topic: Hello
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Hello everyone
I to am a commercial forummer I manage the insurance dept for a local financial services company am looking forward to contributing to the site.
Congratulations to Nigel for creating this forum
I'm sure a lot of people will benefit
Regards to all