Finding owner of niegbouring property

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Finding owner of niegbouring property

Post by Monman » 05 Jan 2019 10:53

We own an appartment in a complex in Peyia.The living area ceiling of our appartment is partially the veranda of the appartment above us.
We have a problem in so far as moisture from the above appartments veranda is regularly damaging our ceiling,we have to repair the cieling at least once a year.
The"owners" (Joint ownership Husband,Wife and Motherinlaw) of the property vacated the property in about 2014 and have not paid any community fees etc since that date,and according to thr Managment company have "disapeared" back to the UK.
What measures can I take to carry out any repairs to the above veranda and try to recoup thr costs ?
Is this a matter for the residants commitee under the joint property law 93 ?

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Re: Finding owner of niegbouring property

Post by Nigel Howarth » 05 Jan 2019 17:09

Hello Monman and welcome to the forum

Your Management Committee should be able to find out the contact details of the absentees from the Land Registry. The Management Committee could then write to them advising them of the situation and that they will be entering their apartment to carry out urgent repairs. (The law permits this.)

But it could be that the apartment has been 'handed back' to the bank (again the Land Registry should know. The Management Committee can then contact and write to the bank as above.

I believe the cost of repairs will be paid by the communal fund.

You can find an English translation of the law at THE IMMOVABLE PROPERTY (TENURE, REGISTRATION AND VALUATION) (AMENDMENT) LAW OF 1993 (See page 16 para 9. regarding entry & repairs.)

I expect the drain (duct) on the balcony is blocked or the floor of the balcony has not been waterproofed.


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