Title Deeds

Do you have a problem getting your Title Deeds?
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Title Deeds

Post by LadieGolfer » 02 May 2011 18:57


Now that the 4 out of the 5 bills got through, regarding the Deeds, when in your opinion can I ask my Legal Rep or would it be the developer for my deeds? I have no clue about how to go about this....any help on obtaining the deeds much appreciated.


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Re: Title Deeds

Post by Nigel Howarth » 02 May 2011 20:40

Hi LadieGolfer,

Even though the laws have been amended, it will still take a number of years for the authorities to issue Title Deeds. The main aspect of the amendments that will speed up the issue of deeds is that developers can now apply for a division permit at the same time they apply for a building permit.

(There are some other aspects of the amended laws that should encourage developers to progress matters - such as penalties for dragging their heels).

If you want to know what progress is being made on your deeds, it will be best to ask your developer.


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